Soca Valley rafting

Fun and excitement on the Soca River

The Soca River is renowned for a wide selection of different activities that attract adventure seekers from all over the world. Most of the visitors will feel right at home in Bovec, the main starting point of the organized sport activities in this part of Slovenia. The town offers a perfect opportunity to try out some exciting and unique options on the river!

Being the most popular choice, Soca Valley rafting definitely tops the list of many adventurists visiting Slovenia. With a good reason, too! It’s very well organized and an unforgettable experience altogether. Rafting gets a lot of attention, not only from the tourists, but also from the tourist workers in the region. This means the Soca Valley rafting offer is well developed and caters to all the different tastes and expectation of the visitors. It’s one of the best ways to explore the valley – fun, exciting, safe, and convenient! Soca Valley rafting is especially good choice for the beginners, maybe even first-timers in the world of adrenaline sport.

If you are seeking a bit more pristine connection with the river, the best choice for you might be hydrospeed. Bovec offers several possibilities for this as well. The Soca River is especially well suited for such an activity, as it offers attractive rapids and other interesting sections to explore. For hydrospeed, Bovec is just as developed as for rafting – no worries, you will find several agencies offering guided tours and equipment rentals. Well organized and properly guided, hydrospeed is an amazing activity offering an intimate connection with the river and the surroundings. It’s a completely unique experience, popular with the adventurists that are seeking something new. The best place for hydrospeed, Bovec, will accommodate all kinds of visitors and offer a wide selection of programs for the sport.