Soca rafting

Injuries Associated with Water Sports

Wakeboarding at the seaside, Soca rafting and Bovec canyoning are all fun water activities that are loved by adrenaline junkies all around the country. They can be immensely entertaining – provided they are done properly, with all the necessary safety measures. If not, Soca rafting, wakeboarding and Bovec canyoning can get very dangerous quite fast. If you are not careful, a fun adventure can turn into a horrible nightmare, so make sure you are always fully alert when partaking in activities of such sorts.


Alcohol can make a risky situation much worse, especially if you are surrounded by water. Drastically reducing your motor skills, you might be unable to save yourself from a relatively innocent situation. With activities such as Soca rafting, Bovec canyoning and wakeboarding, alcohol is certainly off limits as it can cause anything from mild injuries, unnecessary accidents and, in extreme cases, drowning.

Lack of Proper Equipment

Proper equipment is essential when it comes to water sports. If you are not sure which equipment to bring, ask a professional. Always wear a helmet if recommended and do not forget a neoprene suit in the winter months. Wear quality shoes and clothing and never forget to tell someone when you head on a fun water trip. Hazardous situations do happen, so we want to be as prepared as possible.

Common Sense

Most often, accidents happen because people lack common sense. They go too fast and explore uncharted locations. They put themselves in risky situations. They are too fearless and do not respect the wild nature. This is why you should make sure you are being smart in your water adventures. Do not be too reckless, irresponsible or daring. An adventure can still be fun if you use some of your wisdom and caution.