hydrospeed Bovec

New experiences on the Soca river

Every visitor of the Soca valley will be amazed by the natural beauty of the river and its surroundings. Many of the tourists will want to enhance the experience with exploration and other activities. There are some attractive options that will take you onto the river and allow you to really experience it. Even some new options are emerging that will impress all the adventurists.

The main attractions are rafting and kayaking. Especially the Soca river kayaking can be very attractive for beginners and all the visitors that prioritize exploration instead of sheer thrill of the experience. Soca river kayaking will open up long stretches of the river which offer perfect ambient for kayakers. It’s very relaxing and yet interesting, especially for those that can navigate the river independently. On the other hand, Soca river kayaking can be a great choice for beginners that are seeking new experiences!

To really venture into the new experiences territory, it’s worth checking out some of the alternatives, for example hydrospeed. Bovec is the ideal place to seek such activities, as it has the widest tourist offer of the towns in the Soca valley. Hydrospeed Bovec offers a unique way to explore the river. You’re not limited with a boat of any kind, you just have a flotation device that will help you with navigating the river. That’s why hydrospeed Bovec is a popular choice with adventurists that are seeking something new!

The Soca river is full of different options that are waiting to be discovered. Kayaking and hydrospeed are just two suggestions. Tourist agencies in many towns along the valley offer a wide variety of activities, including rafting, canyoning, and other options that will take you along the river towards an unforgettable new experience.