Rafting and kayaking on the Soca river

Rafting and kayaking on the Soca river

Among all the rivers in Slovenia, Soca is definitely the most attractive for the adventurers. Especially rafters and kayakers will find plenty of opportunities to use their vessels in all kinds of situations the river offers. It’s no wonder rafting and kayaking are among the most popular activities in this part of the country – the Soca valley attracts countless adventurers in the summer months!

Soca river rafting

Rafting is among the most popular activities, attracting both foreign and domestic visitors. The river is very well suited for this kind of activity, as it has several different parts that ensure a unique experience every time! Soca river rafting can be easily recommended not only due to the perfect river conditions, but also due to the well-developed offer from local tourism agencies. It’s not hard to find a great agency with experienced tour guides. With a professional guide, Soca river rafting is done in a safe manner, but still exciting and thrilling. Perfect choice for larger groups, such as families, classmates, work colleagues, and others!

Soca river kayak

Kayaking offers a bit different experience, while still allowing to explore the beautiful river from the same unique perspective. It’s more suitable for the adventurers that prefer to be alone in their vessel, but even with this, Soca river kayak can be a part of a larger group for a fun collective experience. Kayaking is most popular with experienced adventurers that know how to get around in such a vessel, many of them use their own equipment and paddle along without a guide. Because Soca river kayak can be dangerous, it’s very recommended to take advantage of the services of professional tour guides, especially beginners should opt for some introductory training and a guided tour in a group.